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Thanks a Million
M Adam Roberts

Tomorrow or today or yesterday, most people, in our country, will celebrate, "Thanksgiving" day. A day, we set apart, from all the other days, to remember all we have to be "Thankful" for. I believe this is a holiday worthy of celebration and recognition. In honor of it, and all it represents, I write this "humble" message, today, to express my deepest, "Thanks" , for a life that has been truly blessed. Namely, my own.

In thinking of a title for this letter, the words of my late, father, came to mind. Whenever my father was really grateful towards me, or anyone else, for that matter, for something I had done for him, he would always say, very enthusiastically, "Thanks, a million. " Whenever he said that, I always knew he really meant it. He was truly, thankful, for whatever I had done for him. Not just a little bit, thankful. A "million" times, thankful. That's what he was trying to express, to me, and others, whenever he said it.

When considering all t he things I have to be thankful for, in my life, a mere, "Thank you" doesn't seem to be enough. The "thankfulness" ,I feel in my heart, goes much deeper than that. So, for the sake of this article, I had to adopt the words of my father, to even come close to expressing the depth of my gratitude for all the blessings I experience in my life. every single day.

I am most thankful, for just the fact, that I am alive. That's an amazing thing, in itself. I have the freedom, and the opportunity, to wake up everyday, and live. MY LIFE. however I choose to live it. Something else I am, equally, thankful for, is that. no matter how many times I mess up, no matter how many mistakes I might make, no matter how far I might stray off the path of wisdom. each day. when I wake up. I am given another chance to make it right. It's a brand, new day ! Every day I live is like having the chance at a brand, new life, all over again. It's all up to me. I've been given another chance. to live.

I am thankful for my family, for all of their love, acceptance, and forgiveness. What a blessing they are to me. They are always there for me. no matter what. I've let them done a hundred times. yet, they still believe in me. Their love never fails. Their hope never dies. Their prayers never cease. I say to them, "Thanks, a million, for hanging in there and not giving up on me. Your faith gives me strength. Your love keeps me going.

I am thankful for my friends. The ones who truly care for me. The ones who anticipate my need before I even speak of it. The ones who invite me over for "Thanksgiving" dinner. because they know I have no one to share "Thanksgiving" with, this year. To them, I say, "Thanks a million. People like you make this world a much nicer place to be. Thank you for caring. "

I am thankful for my job. I have the option to work seven days a week, if I wish, which I don't. But it's there for me, if I need it. I am thankful I have food to eat, a warm, safe place to sleep, and money in my pocket. Not much, but, at least, a little spare change!

I am thankful for my three, awesome kids. They're not kids anymore, but I'm so proud of them. I am so blessed to be their, "Dad." They bring such pride and joy to my life.

I am thankful for the parents I had growing up. I am thankful for the examples they set, the values they taught me, the love they showed me, and for all the sacrifices they made. that I might have a better life.

I could go on writing for hours about all the things, in my life, that I am thankful for. I will not put you through that. I think you get the idea.

There is one final thing I would like to say, before I close this letter. I am thankful for every detail that has ever happened in my whole life. I really mean that. Every single thing that has ever happened to me, every single person I have ever met, has led me to become the person I am today. I am thankful to be the very person I am, even with all my imperfections. I believe there is a reason for "me". A person, exactly like "me" is needed in this world. That's why I'm here. to fill that place. I am a uniquely, designed, individual. put hereto fulfill a very specific purpose. "I" am needed. I am deeply "thankful" to be given the chance to live. and to fulfill that opportunity.

I believe that life is a "school". A place where we learn to live. and die.( That's a whole different article ). My point is. everything we have been through, in our lives, can be learned from, and used to benefit ourselves, and others, in the present and the future. All of our past failures and hardships can be turned into good. So, be thankful for them. They are blessings. in disguise?

I hope you are feeling thankful in your life, today. If you are not, please take a moment and really consider all that you have. If you're feeling depressed, get moving: it's to feel down when you're moving about. Think about all that you do have. not the things that you don't. Consider all the things that you ARE able to do. not the things you cannot. I know if you will do that, you will find your possibilities in life, are almost endless.

Today, I ate dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken. While eating. I felt so thankful to be blessed with such delicious food. I, literally, "savored" every bite. After dinner, I went shopping and bought myself a brand new pair of work boots. I have been needing a new pair for months. All day long I have been, ecstatic, with job, over how comfortable I feel, in my new boots. I feel like I am walking on air. Again, I feel so thankful to have been able to purchase them. Life is good, if we have the right attitude about it. Be thankful, for everything. Let's live our lives with an "Attitude of Gratitude. "

It's an amazing world we live in. full of blessings and opportunities. if only we'll open our eyes and hearts to them.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

M Adam Roberts lives and writes from Clearwater, Florida.

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