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Tuesday 16 Jul 2024

A D Min

GrubStreet.ca and the web sites it owns value your privacy.

Visitors aren't required to register to use any site owned or operated by GrubStreet.ca nor is personal information about users stored. The term "personal information" means data, such as user name, IP address, browser type and so forth. The sole exception is general information used to determine number and legitimacy of visitors, primarily, but not exclusively, for advertising-related purposes, such as enumerations.

GrubStreet.ca and the web sites it owns or operates don't post content that openly advocates violence, is pornographic or promotes, in an unbalanced way, pharmaceuticals, illegal actions or ethnocentricity, including anti-gay materials. GrubStreet.ca does post reasonably balanced, factual and thoughtful comment or opinion on any topic; we may post fiction, with a sensuous undertone, serious analyses of illegal actions, such as an argument for the legalization of prostitution or a day in the life of a drug dealer.

Adjectives make the difference. Balance, factual, thoughtful, sensuous, serious and analyses make your ideas artful and welcome on GrubStreet.ca. The downside is art is often in the mind of the beholder. Editors make decisions and all editorial decisions are open to balance, factual, thoughtful, sensuous, serious and analytical appeals.

StatCounter.com, which tracks visitors to GrubStreet.ca for advertising-related purposes, is a reputable, third-party source of statistics about site visitors.

StatCounter.com may place a cookie on your site. This cookie allows us to know if you're a new visitor to GrubStreet.ca or a returnee. The sole effect of the cookie is to record visitor status -- new or returning -- each time somebody enters the site.

You may configure your browser to block this cookie. If you do configure your browse to block this cookie, you'll be recorded as a new visitor each time you enter the site. This doesn't pose a problem for GrubStreet.ca, its advertisers, affiliates or partners.

No cookie used on GrubStreet.ca is linked, in any way, to information that may personally identify a visitor to the site. Please tell us, asap, if you know this statement regarding cookie use on this site to be different.

GrubStreet.ca contains links to other sites. If you believe a link found on a GrubStreet.ca contains a subliminal link to another site, that is, a hidden or deceptive connection; a link that isn't what purports to be, let us know, asap or preferably sooner.

GrubStreet.ca isn't responsible for the privacy practices of other sites. We encourage wariness, at all time, and urge you to read the privacy statements of each and every web site you visit. Some may collect personal information that can identify you.

GrubStreet.ca doesn't sell any information about its visitors or writers, under any circumstances or to anyone, ever. Any information a visitor wishes to share with GrubStreet.ca remains private. An exception to this may be comments for use in promoting GrubStreet.ca; in such cases we'll ask before acting.

GrubStreet.ca retains and reserves the right to modify this privacy page from time to time, without notice and at its sole discretion. Any and all modifications take effect when posted, unless otherwise expressly stated.

A D Min handles business affairs and policy for GrubStreet.ca.

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