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Vivan los Mexicanos
M Alan Roberts

I was born in Fredonia, Ohio in 1967 -- redneck central. I spent over 15 years as a general contractor working projects from Alaska to Florida.

Imagine if you were a Mexican man. As you rise to another day, you look at your family knowing that your efforts for the day will not be enough to advance them into a better life - you will only meagerly sustain them. That's hard for a man - especially a hard-working, proud man who has a strong familial foundation. The sun is hot, like always. The pay is low, if you are fortunate enough to be chosen for work. As you age, the young men around you continue to gain strength while you feel weaker - just like any man anywhere. You dream of taking your family to a land where freedom calls from. You want a better life.

Imagine if you were a Mexican woman. As you get your children set for their days, you think of all of the things that you would love to see them experience and learn. You feel that they - like you - will always live a life of repression and limitation. You know that you love your children as much as any mother anywhere. You love your man and you hate to see him in such fierce competition for money - for validity. You supplement his income in as many ways as you can to assist him in bettering the life of your family unit. You too dream of taking your family to America - the land of plenty. You just want a better life.

Imagine if you were a Mexican child. From early on, you see the struggles of your parents and grandparents. You see the television and hear the stories of those who make it to America. You sometimes witness the blessings bestowed upon your fellow people who have relatives who have made it to the free land. You dream unselfishly of getting to California and beginning a life of diligent work so that you will be able to help your family too. You dream of being the savior for your family. You dream of sending for them as an adult. You just want a better life.

What makes you think you're so special because you just happen to have been born in the US? Why do Americans feel as though they are superior? The tables could easily have been turned. The economic status of the US could be as that of Mexico and vice versa. If you were born Mexican, what would you do? Would you just settle for never-ending repression? Would you just put your desires for the betterment of your family aside and never dream? Or would you face your fears, dare to dream, chance hatred and discrimination and find a way - any way - to get your loved ones to a better place?

The answer is clear for anyone who has the capacity to be ethnocentric whatsoever. Americans need to realize that America is nothing except a melting pot - that is the very foundation! Russians, Irish, English, Africans, Germans and Italians are just fine - right? What about the Spanish - are they alright in your high and mighty approval standards? The time has come to give our Mexican brothers and sisters equal liberties as human beings. You are not special because you were lucky enough to have been born in America. No way! However, you may become special by opening yourselves to compassion and the grace that comes with understanding.

Get over yourselves and embrace your Mexican relatives in humanity! Besides, they make some kick-ass foods.

M Alan Roberts is a radical thinker. He has a gimlet eye for injustice, much as did Frederich Engels, a century and a half before. Still, Roberts finds a way to write effective SEO copy. This suggests both sides of his brain, his mind, work equally well.

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