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Streeter Click

Welcoming, calm and quiet since 2006, GrubStreet.Ca offers an on-line oasis for all writers and readers, well-seasoned or starting out.

The success of GrubStreet.Ca lies with its writers and generous readers, such as you. Together, we ensure a supportive atmosphere for writers. With your your help, GrubStreet.Ca can continue strong, for years to come.

GrubStreetCa accepts contributions. The preference is for contributions of content, advice, suggestions or aide in arranging for content. Such contributions help Grub Street grow its resources and improve service to our writers and readers.

If you wish, you may make a traditional contribution to GrubStreet.Ca via Paypal, a safe, secure and trustworthy donation processor. We spend every penny delivering the best written entertainment and information to our readers. Click on the button, below, to make a one-time contribution through Paypal. You may enter any amount in the box provided. Your gift is sincerely appreciated.

On request, a contribution may be acknowledged at the end of a Grub Street posting. A statement, such as, "This article is due, in part, to a contribution from the Dorothy and Wilfred Jones Foundation," is acceptable. Articles may acknowledge more than one contribution. Please contact the Publisher to arrange for your acknowledgement.

Streeter Click is editor of GrubStreet.ca.

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