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Chuck Blore, imagineer
Streeter Click

It's impossible to summarize, in a few words, the contributions of Chuck Blore to radio. Eventually, we'll write more about Blore. For now, a brief clip from a presentation to advertising and radio executives, probably in 1972.

If you're familiar with radio, you'll get the profoundness of what Blore has to say, in an instance. He tells the truth and uses two examples to make his point. The show biz factor in his presentation shrouds the profoundness.

If you're not familiar with how radio works and some of the long-standing ideas about what works best and what doesn't, you may have to listen to Blore two or three times. Once you do, you'll get a sense that radio, today, can be more. Know it can, but likely won't.

No matter, his point is clear: radio is different, uniquely tuned to our senses; can't be easily supplanted and for these reasons hasn't gone away, and won't.

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