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Parliament Hill Follies: 2
Bob Stark

Mr. Harper , arrived in a motorcade, after traveling, literally, across the street from his official residence, 24 Sussex Drive."

Globe & Mail Website, Thursday, 4 December 2008

Class! Class! Attention Class!

We have two new words to put into our "Polly Cy 101 Scribblers, today.

The first word is "P-r-o-r-o-g-ue". Prorogue.

Can someone tell the rest of the class what that means?


"It's when the Canadian Government's Hood Ornament decides to support - hence, is for, or 'pro' - some doorknob aka 'rogue'."

Very good Johnny, if a bit editorialized, exaggerated and, colourful,

"while the Dippers and the Ad-Libs got it up their arse end, "

Okay, Johnny that'll be fine, you can take your seat now.

So, yes, it is when the Governor-General agrees with the Prime Minister to put the proceedings of the House of Commons on hold for awhile, and why would that be necessary class?



"Even poll-a-tic-shuns need RECESS!"

Well, that's true but not completely correct,


"So they can have a longer Christmas Holiday and swallow more turkey, thicken their gravy, and have more time to get over their Harvey Wallbanger hang-overs from New Year's Eve."

Very creative but no I'm afraid not,

Er, okay, Johnny?

"To save the Prime Ministers' silly ass being put in a sling and fired off to Palookaville by the Demolition party and allow some out-of-focus YouTube nerd-turd from ruling the country,"

Thank you Johnny, ha ha , always picturesque in your choice of words. But class that should be "Coalition" not "Demolition" parties.

"and having a go at us from behind, .kinda like sloppy seconds, "

OKAY JOHNNY! That is quite enough for today!!

The second word for today is "Dic ,... er Fascist. F-A-S-C-I-S-T.

Does any one, other than Johnny ha ha, know what that word means?

Ah, Michael, yes?

"It means someone who can run the best-est in a race"

No not quit, that would be FASTEST, F-A-S-T-E-S-T.

While that may be indirectly relevant to the discussion today, anyone els, Mary?

"Sometimes my Mom goes to beauty and the beast salon and has one of those don, "

Ah, no Mary, that would be a FACIAL. F-A-C-I-A-L. While it certainly looks like the Prime Minister may have had a touch-up, I mean check-out the hair, but that's not what we're looking for,


"It's someone who refuses to eat in order to loose weight or see Godspells. "

No not quite dear, although, on second thought, .ah, well no, that is someone who is on a Fast.


Anyone else, quickly?

Ah, besides you Johnny, anyone, please,


okay, Johnny?

"is someone who rules the country in a prorogued situation without any conditions or opposition and can basically do what he wants, when he wants, and smile gloatingly at the cameras and lie straight-faced to the nation, both nations, in different languages using different words to inflame the West and to massage Quebec. "

Very good Johnny if a bit simplistic.

" and is a Dickhead,."

Thank you Johnny, that'll certainly be all for today,

"and rides in a friggin armed convoy even if it's to go across the street for a Tim Bit Chit-Chat at the Horn Ornament's place and have his cake and probably eat it to, she's not a bad looker that one!!!,

,a scared dork who won't face parliament, can't face the public, won't even friggin walk half a block, running running running and hiding, hiding always hiding, the guy's a friggin joke, Tony Soprano on steroids, Con-Man, Flim-Flam-Man, Sham-man, who tapes telephone calls, and probably checks our e-mails, and you'd better check the river tonight for bodies with concrete shoes,"


Sigh, can't wait 'til tomorrow.

Class dismissed.

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Bob Stark is a musician, poet, philosopher and couch potato. He spends his days, as did Jean-Paul Sarte and Albert Camus, pouring lattes and other adult beverages into a recycled mug, bearing a long and winding crack. He discusses, with much insight and passion, the existentialist and phenomenological ontology of the Vancouver 'Canucks,' a hockey team, "Archie" comic books and high school reunions. In other words, Bob Stark is a retired public servant living the good life on the wrong coast of Canada.

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