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Radio Ads from Late 60s
Streeter Click

In the late 60s, the Ottawa airwavesand Slack Shackwere a comfortable fit! A brilliantly conceived advertising concept held Ottawa's premier jeans retailer at the top from 1968 through the early 70s.The feeling of pomp and circumstance was the brain child of former CFRA-AM program director (1967 to 1970),Alden Diehl (1931-2000).

Few men or women, inside or outside radio understood the medium as well as did Alden Diehl. Only Chuck Blore and John Rook come to mind.

Ottawa radio groupies from the late 60s remember these classics and can only wish their 40 year old "Lees" would fit as great now as those spots sounded then! Here are two tastes, from 1968 and 1970: Listen! and Listen! again.

Airchecks courtesy of Dave Watts, former Writer, Announcer, Music Director and Promotion Director at 580 CFRA-AM.

Streeter Click is editor of GrubStreet.ca.

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