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Financial Independence
Kim Dawkins

Every day, more and more people are turning their attention towards alternative ways of generating more income, be it active or passive. Ideas once considered too risky or not feasible, are finally able to see the light and gaining increasing popularity, especially among younger people.

Whatever the reasons may be, unemployment, economic instability, increased costs in quality of life or the very desire to upgrade your quality of life, you name it, most people tend to consider having just one job or source of income is not enough. It is the awakening of freelance jobs and active and passive investment projects.

On the other hand, for some people, it’s not about the money, but about freedom. By some estimates, in 2020 for per cent of the US workforce will be freelancing. This should come as no surprise. Globalization and the spread of information technology are slowly turning most on-site jobs into needless occupations. Almost every job, today and more tomorrow, is remote, done at home or in a coffee shop; workers love that.

Talking about freedom also raises the subject of financial security and independence. As of 2013, the global online FX trade reached a stunning $5.3 trillion, per day. That is remarkable. Furthermore, it opens a question. If all that money trades, every day or every week, why can’t we all learn to benefit from its behaviours and movements? The short answer is we can.

Today, on-line trading is breaking through, into the mindset of every citizen. Now, most of us believe we can truly achieve our financial security by investing our money into a varied portfolio. We believe that because there is factual evidence supporting it, on-line trading is not just a fancy word, anymore. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that can offer ordinary people, such as you and me, a learning experience to get our feet wet in the waters of trading assets, with limited risks and small amounts of invested capital required.

A great example would be CMC Markets. These markers offer training, customer support, top notch trading platforms for both web and mobile devices, and even a virtual reality demo, where you can apply all your knowledge in real-life market scenarios, but without the risk of losing a simple penny. They also have a full team of qualified consultants that can give you tips and pointers on how to identify investment opportunities in rising and falling markets and much more.

At most online trading platforms, there are many more options than just Forex. You can also learn how to trade Indices, Shares, Commodities and even Treasuries. A mix of all these assets would make an excellent investment portfolio where, if you fully understand the dynamics of the market in question, you can minimize the risks, and make smart, fact-based decisions to maximize your profits.

You don’t even have to venture a whole lot of capital, it can start as a hobby, while you still maintain whatever your job. Get the feel of it. Find out if on-line investments are a fit for your style and personality. If so, you will keep learning every day until you start making even better trades. There might come a point where this part-time hobby, is going to give you much more income than any other job you ever had. By that point you might realize, you are finally financially free.

Whether as freelancers, entrepreneurs, part-time or full-time investors or other, we are a part of this new generation of people. We thrive on globalization and make information our greatest, tool.


Kim Dawkins is involved in the financial industry.

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