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Beyonce Review
W D McConney

Let me first just say, "Wow." This was one of the best concerts I have ever been to in my entire life. O.K., well, it is only my third, but it was still very good.

Beyonce had Katy Shotter open the awesome show. Now, I need to explain that Katy Shotter wasn't my type of singer but still she was, over all, interesting to hear. Sean Kingston, one of my favorite singers, followed Shotter. Sean Kingston got loud cheers, during his 3 big hits. When he was finished performing, during the break before Beyonce started, Kingston came onto the floor to see the fans and sign autographs. Unfortunately, I didn't get his autograph because I didn't notice until he was gone. Oh well.

After what seemed like hours, the lights went dim and Beyonce appeared, out of the darkness, in a glittering silver dress, with a huge shower of sparklers coming down onto the stage. And that was only the first time she appeared. Part of the back of the stage went up and down. This was so Beyonce could disappear and reappear, as she did different parts of the show.

Beyonce made a lot of costume changes. All of her clothes were lovely. More important, though, she sang brilliantly. She is one woman with a terrific voice, which carried the whole show. Beyonce got lots of cheers and singing along from the audience, too.

There were also tons of cool features from the other performers, in her concert. They got to do their own parts, usually while Beyonce was off the stage changing for the next section. One of these acts was 3 male dancers. Towards the end of their act, they each tore off their shirts. They are a really awesome hip hop act. I think they got as many cheers as Beyonce for being very popular with the ladies.

I have to mention Beyonce's band, "Suga Mama." They are an all women band who were totally Awesome. They are a really, really good bunch of rock and jazz musicians who showed us all that women can make powerful music. I play the flute at school in band so it was very cool to see women who can play their instruments like that. They totally deserved the tons of cheers they got during their solos and duets as well as at the end. There's no way that all the different fancy costumes, flashy lights, fabulous choreography routines by both the female and the male dancers, and other big show stuff were just a cover. "Suga Mama" rocked the house loud and hard the whole time.


One thing that I pondered throughout the show is this: why weren't there a lot of guys at her concert? There seemed to be mostly girls, at the show. I first noticed this when we were getting on the special concert bus. The whole bus was full and jammed with people standing in a big crush. But, out of all those people, there were only 3 boys. So, I did some research, and checked it out. My guess is that not a lot of guys like her because if you really take a look at her lyrics, they are all about female empowerment. And, a lot of her lyrics say how girls don't need guys to survive. We can live very well without guys, and things like that. For example, this summer, "Irreplaceable" was kind of my soccer team's theme song. Every time one of our coaches would yell at us to go to the left, we would all start singing those lines from the song and dance our way over to the left. Maybe there weren't many boys at the show because only some boys believe in female empowerment but probably not very many, judging from what I saw at the concert. That is what I think anyway.

Overall, it was a great performance and if Beyonce comes back to Saskatoon I will definitely go and see her again. My favourite part of the show was when Beyonce closed the show and let the crowd sing the first few parts of "Irreplaceable". I belted out the song. Then she sang it for us. She got the biggest applause for that part of the whole entire show.

The last thing I want to say is Good Job Beyonce! You were great.

W D McConney is a writer living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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