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Larry Glick: Cop+Creature
Streeter Click

From 1968 to 1981, Larry Glick did all-nights on WBZ-AM, in Boston. The WBZ-AM signal bounced from Labrador to Barbados and from the Rocky Mountains to Finland. Millions were addicted to "The Larry Glick Show."

Glick was a cult figure. His audience included middle-aged moms, catching up on housework, at 3 am, between their two jobs; university students and elderly insomniacs. If ever there was a general audience for radio, Glick had it; by 1980. "The Larry Glick Show," was running more commercials, at 2 am, than most stations did in prime time.

About 1:30 am, on a late September night, in 1976, a police officer from York, PA, called Glick. The story he told is the stuff of radio legends. Most of all, the story made Glick laugh and few people laugh as heartily as Larry Glick. His laugh is something to behold.

Click here to Listen! to "The Cop and the Creature," a short, creepy story, but a large piece of radio history.

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