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Tuesday 28 May 2024

The Platonic Cave
Lance Winslow

Have you read about Plato's cave analogy? If not it maybe worthy to learn about, you see, Plato's Cave Concept is a good analogy of life, in my opinion. It is similar to the concept of Virtual Reality (VR), The 10 Mirror Theory or the projection concept. Life is all a TV movie theory.

We all know the story of the three blind men describing an elephant. All these help us understand that we should know how little we know. We have seen Hollywood take this whole thing to the next step and offer some what ifs worthy of thought as well such as the Movie the Matrix or the Tom Cruise Movie; Vanilla Sky. Remember the Truman Show -fake town, fake everything all on TV.

Imagine going beyond that and seeing the truth. That would be excellent and it is therefore worthy to discuss Plato's Cave Analogy. A virtual reality life simulator could be a greater teacher for humanity; whatever we are, wherever we came from or wherever we're going. For some of use, life is a competitive event and until they see otherwise, they play it as a participant and thus play it to the best of there ability.

Think of a bee or insect. Think of how it sees things. It sees things in a different sensory way. Perception is an interesting thing to a bat, dolphin, squid and so forth. It maybe worthy to have much thought on this subject. Plato had many interesting things to say. I am most comfortable with of what he thought and expressed. I'd like to challenge others with him. Of course, having these works now are good as one can add onto his thoughts. Perhaps you will consider this in 2006 and expand your horizons.

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