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Mobile Apps vs TV
Donna Baxter

Now that use of mobile apps has surpassed browsing on the desktop web, it’s gearing up to confront the television. Statistics show that consumers spend around 127 minutes every day on mobile apps. This is up 35 percent from 94 minutes since last year. At the same time, desktop web usage has declined roughly by 2.4 percent from 72 to 70 minutes. This means that, in 2013, the US consumer is spending approximately twice the time with mobile apps than on the web. This time pattern has started to challenge the time spent watching television. Use of tablets and Smartphone’s has started to threaten broadcast television as the leading channel for media consumption.

The basic disparity is that the user as well as the traffic acquisition on mobile platforms is changing at a rapid scale and most of the entrepreneurs and investors are not able to understand fully. Investor outlook is changing and the firms have now started to support the enterprise, as they play more than consumer investments. This is partially due to the current post-IPO performances of certain social media sites and ways it is difficult to get hold of users on mobile platforms.

Satellite dishes fetch hundreds of channels to the homes across United States and all around the world. In the recent years, there has been an attack of dish offerings, customized to meet individual as well as family requirements.

According to Flurry, a mobile-analytic organization, the mobile application usage was broken into different categories and mobile gaming accounted to around 43 percent of the time spent with mobile application worldwide. Social networking came into being within seconds, accounting for 26 percent of consumer time; entertainment and utility followed each by around 10 percent.

This pointed out by a new study, by Flurry, that shows that the usage of mobile application is quickly up with the television. Consumers are more engrossed with applications as they are the ultimate expression of personalization. They can easily opt for the brand that they trust, the services they want, and the way they wish to spend their discretionary time with entertainment devices, media and games according to their preferences.

Today, the smartphone generation has its own ways of doing things. For them, making use of an application on their smartphone is a much better way to contact and engage others; television doesn’t do it for this generations. Studies show the use of mobile phones has already doubled in the last decade. The proliferating telecom industry and the unprecedented growth in technology will enhance the use of smartphones in the coming days. The basic question is whether mobile application will actually override television in terms of usage and popularity.

The pace at which mobile applications have changed our media consumption traditions is truly breathtaking especially keeping in mind this fact that the concept is just 4 years old. The application concept has already spread across to the drawing room, where the applications are getting started to change the way we interact with video game consoles along with the television sets.

For the moment, it is quite safe to say that the applications are the medium of the hour and possibly the medium of the future.

Though, something that is worth noticing is the fact that there still survives a part of the population that gets pleasure in being completely at home and keep glaring at the TV on a regular basis. This scenario will take another 4-5 years to change thoroughly. Until the television industry sees an increase in terms of style and technology it would help to keep back its share among several families. While mobile application continues to pose a major threat to the television, the number of television users and the amount of time spent on TV still remains significant along with being undisputed.

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Donna Baxter writes and finance and related matters, especially to help consumers with financial issues and debt consolidation.

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