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Toyota Camry
Jennifer Ramirez

Looking sharp from all angles, a new Toyota Camry is going to turn heads.  Flowing lines built on a body structure that has been strengthened and reinforced with occupant safety in mind, the Camry is an exceptionally safe medium-to-large car.

Toyota has been known widely in the market for its efficiency in delivering high-performing and trusted cars. With its repeated launch of high-end cars, Toyota has acquired a firm stand in the competitive market, thereby matching the expectations of all its potential buyers. Toyota Camry had set out a breakthrough in the year 1983 and has come into being among several other powerful cars in the catalogue of ‘most successful cars' lately.

 This midsize sedan is representative of a systematic progress in the launch of unequaled designs as well as attributes. Toyota has launched a hybrid version of Camry, which has become the most popular in the market and is known as Toyota Camry Hybrid.

The Toyota Camry Hybrid is categorized as a midsize sedan exclusively designed for lovers of space and luxury. This Hybrid version of the car has received a minor facelift. The Toyota Camry Hybrid ranks the highest as far as the performance factor is concerned while considering the other models of its class including the hybrid version of Ford Fusion. According to a review done on the vehicle, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is par excellence in almost all the various aspects that make up a high-end car. It has been ranked accurately after a test drive.

The Toyota Camry specs has invited a spectacular ranking among its rivals in the automobile industry. As far as the mechanical specifications of the Toyota Camry Hybrid is concerned, it boats off 2.4 liter 2AZ-FXE engine that has the capacity to produce 147 horsepower at 6000 RPM and a torque level of about 138 pound feet. With a 105KW electric motor, the Sedan can exert more power. The combination of both the power engines helps the machine to exert 187 horsepower. According to the Toyota Camry Hybrid specs, the sedan can easily as well as effectively run 20 miles per hour with the help of the electric motor. The impulsive machine is loaded with a nickel metal battery package that can sustain for over 150,000 miles. However, the space needed to accommodate the battery has compromised 30% of the space reserved for trunk.

Reviews of the Toyota Camry Hybrid have well settled its pros and cons. Although Toyota Camry Hybrid works efficiently to offer adequate balance of fuel efficiency along with eco-friendly nature, it, unlike the Prius hybrid version, fails to display a sync of the electric motor and gas engine mechanism. Therefore, it makes it nearly impossible for the driver to detect when the electric motor is ready. Camry Hybrid proffers a great deal of performance of 33 miles per hour in the city and 34 miles per second on the highway. Despite of its drawbacks, Camry Hybrid has acquired a name among some of the best hybrid models by its loyal drivers. The fuel efficiency of Toyota Camry Hybrid surpasses all the standards specified by ATPZEV, which is popularly known as Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle.

To entice its awaited customers, the Camry Hybrid offers warranty coverage for up to 8 years or 100,000 miles. With a growing demand for better fuel efficiency and features, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is sold heavy price of $26,150. Despite of an increased rating, the car is the most preferred vehicle owing to its eco-friendly nature and luxurious comfort.

All versions of the Toyota Camry have excellent safety features. Eight airbags are standard, namely driver and passenger dual airbags plus front side and full length curtain SRS airbags, and the Toyota Camry Altise has front side and full curtain airbags available as options. In the Toyota Camry Ateva, both the driver and the front passenger seats come with pretensioner seatbelts with force limiters, and the rear seats come provided with ALR outboard seatbelts and centre seatbelt for child seats. The intelligence of the Toyota Camry is shown by the impact sensing fuel cut in a crash, and in the Toyota Camry Grande's Vehicle Stability Control system.

The Toyota Camry is a superbly built car with plenty of practical features to make the drive safe, quiet and enjoyable - a good all rounder.

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