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Jane Doe

I admit I have always been a big fan of the greatest rapper to hail from Detroit, Michigan. Eminem has always had a way of captivating his audience with his entertaining talent. Eminem has been rapping since he was 12 years old. It is no surprise his talent shows in his music.

For the past few years, I have managed to lay my hands on all seven of his studio albums and all of these songs are always on replay on my iPod. Right from his first studio album, Infinite, released back in November 1996, the Detroit rappers music CDs have just kept on getting better and better and there does not look like there’s any stop to his music.

One reason I love the music of Eminem is his captivating ability; he grabs you and won’t let go. His lyrics, if you listen closely, always have an interesting message about his life. His ability to tell stories about his life in his music, while drawing listener attention is a rare gift. Few of the current musicians are able to do this.

Eminem released his latest studio albums, “Recovery,” in June 2010. The album is a seventeen-track hit. I just love every song in it. “Recovery” hit number one on the Billboard “Top 200,” selling an incredible 741,000 copies in its first week of US release.

A few songs are very special to me. These songs reveal a great deal of detail about the life of Eminem. Though the lyrics might mention things I already knew about the rapper, the way he just seems the say in his own words are extraordinary.

For example, “You’re Never Over,” in my opinion, was in memory of his friend, Poof, who allegedly died in a car accident in 2006. My favourite quote of this song is “for you, I would write the sickest rhyme of my life, so sick it’ll blow up the mic.” In those words, Eminem expresses, deeply, the love he had for his friend, a feeling one cannot comprehend by just reading about their relationship in a biography or something.

“Talkin’ to Myself, featuring Kobe” is another incredible track on the “Recovery” album. In this lyric, Eminem expressed a deep, psychological trauma that he passes through. Again, he expressed a message through some incredible music, he talked about his feelings towards Lil Wayne and acknowledged his fellow rappers. Another reason why I like this song is the title and the chorus, again these serve to express the depth of the condition.

The album is generally a hit and any other Eminem fan out there will agree with me that the Detroit rapper out did himself in this album. I listen to it over and over again and do not think I will ever get tired of listening to the pure talent he “spits” in his raps.

Jane Doe writes from the American South East.

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