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Hands all Over
Christine Winters

“Hands all Over” by Maroon 5 is a pop rock CD released in 2010. Each, of the 15 music tracks, has a slightly different sound. “Hands all Over” is a CD that appeals to everyone. Whether you’re looking for dance music, something to listen to driving down the highway or to listen and contemplate the meaning of life, “Hands all Over” has it.

Tracks, such as “Misery,” have a very strong backbeat that allows every word sung to hit home. Lyrics, such as “There ain’t no body who can comfort me,” hits home for many women and men who are feeling down and want music to accompany their mood. Other songs are more upbeat, such as “Stutter” and ““Hands all Over.” The words can be a little provocative, but that lends to the appeal of the Maroon 5 because it expresses what’s on the minds of its members.

Adam Levine, as usual, does most of the singing on “Hands all Over.” He has a wide tonal range, which makes every song unique. Other bands, in the rock pop or funk pop genre, seem to sound the same on every single song. The vocals are different with Maroon 5. Even the background music, which is included in the back of every track, is different. This is why Maroon 5 is a major success.

 “Hands all Over” also includes some other top artists, working with the group on a few of their tracks. Lady Antebellum joined up with the group to record “Out of Goodbyes”; he resulting sound is unique. Christina Aguilera added r vocals to “Moves like Jagger,” which has topped the charts all over the world. The catchy whistling in the background, of this cut, helps to get everyone in the mood for jamming and it’s very addictive. Even Coldplay and Beyoncé work together to create “Take a Little Time to See Yourself” with Maroon 5.

Many artists have worked on albums, with Maroon 5s over the years. Still, “Hands all Over” is the best album, from Maroon 5, because of their refined sounds. “Hands all Over” covers a wide spectrum of music that spans almost one hour.

I’ve been a fan of Maroon 5 since their first album release. I can tell when it’s Maroon 5 on the radio. Yet, I’m always surprised how many people don’t know the band. It’s probably a good thing because the group can sound so different from one song to another. Bands that have the same sound with every song, with just different lyrics don’t last very long.

Though Maroon 5 are hardly a one hit wonder, the album confirms the band has what it takes to be creative; to keep coming up with new sounds and new material, which will it around for a very long time. The longer Maroon 5 can keep doing that, the longer they will have at least one fan: me.

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