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Love is Dead
Michael Saareste

“I’m from a secret land called Estonia,” says Kerli Kloiv. That’s where you will find this new bubble gothic doll singer named Kerli Kloiv. Kerli, as she best known, released her debut CD, “Love is Dead,” on 8 July 2008 on Island Records.  “Love is Dead” reached number two on the U.S. Heatseekers Albums chart, which measures the popularity of debut albums by new artists. Not only that, “Love is Dead” also earned the number 126 spot on the Billboard 200 as well as top spot on the Estonian Albums Chart. Together with producer, songwriter and mixer, David Maurice, Kerli created a unique autobiographical set of music for “Love is Dead.”

 Kerli Kloiv was born in a small municipality Elva, Estonia, when it was still under the Soviet occupation. Her mother was a social worker. Her father was a car mechanic. Where Kerli was 16-years-old, her parents separated.

According to some interviews, she suggests she doesn’t have any music influences. If you listen to her songs, closely, you can hear a hint of Bjork and Amy Lee, of “Evanescence.” These women influenced Kerli, although she may not realize to what extent.

Most of her songs even before this CD, tell a story, each has a narrative. Before the debut of “Love is Dead,” Kerli already releases some of her songs. “Not a Barbie Girl,” is about kids bullied for not being perfect enough.

“Love is Dead” contains of twelve songs, with different meanings and moods that suit any persons tastes. Her songs are Pop Rock, Electro Pop, Alternative Rock, and Metal. To her fans, she is Goth.

Kerli took more than five years to write and record this CD. In an interview, she confessed that many of the songs came to her when she was deeply depressed or as she climbed out of depression, overcoming all obstacles and all darkness.

The debut song “Love is Dead” is a song for any woman who’s been betrayed by someone they love. This song was able to show off her vocal ranges and the uniqueness of her voice making her one promising singer of the new age.

“Walking on Air” is about her struggle to succeed, even though being trapped in her own home. This is very similar to her experience, in Estonia, when people didn’t believe in her. The song is gloomy and it fits the CD title.

With its catchy melody and wonderful meaning, “The Creationist” is her way of saying that she is finally herself; no one is stopping her anymore. “I Want Nothing” is a very repetitive song that suggests a more angered version of her voice: “Life is more than meets the eye.” The song “Up, Up, Up” is mostly reggae. These two songs suggest Kerli is not in music for the fame nor glory; music is her way to speak her mind and heart, her way of escape.

“Bulletproof” is a powerful rock ballad song that tells how a girl faces love, although the same person betrayed her once before. One of her soulful music in this cd title is “Beautiful Day” which is a hopeful music that everything is going to be ok soon; similar is “The Creationist”.

One of the catchiest songs in this CD is “Creepshow.” It isn’t as creepy as the title suggests. You’ll be having a last-song- syndrome once you hear this song: “La, la, la, la, la, la, la, I’m from a land called Secret Estonia.” She introduces her homeland.

“Hurt Me” is one dark song, a reflection of mental abuse Kerli experienced when she was younger.  “Butterfly Cry” is an emotional song stating you can finally move on from the pain and see that you are the best of everything:  “Let go of your pain.

The next song, “Strange Boy”, is a more club like music that you can probably hear in some music mixes. The last song CD is “Fragile,” a ballad you must hear; it’s a great end for this CD. Kerli speaks to you, telling you she doesn’t feel the world, as if her world doesn’t understand her.

Those are all the songs for “Love is Dead.” One of my favourite songs, on this CD, is “Walking on Air,” which has a melodramatic music video. Anyone can relate to this song on how people judge you, tie you and control you on what should be and what is normal and that you can’t do anything in you r own hands.

Kerli shows, on this CD, much emotion and musical ability. Her voice can change ranges and moods so easily that you’ll listen to this album until the end. “Love is Dead” is already out in the market. Grab it now and feel your emotions pour out dazzlingly.

Michael Saareste is a writing living in Estonia.

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