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AJ Benza Author, Television Presenter
Alessandra Torre Author
Al Pascal Radio DJ, Programmer Director, Personality
Allen Klein Jollyologist, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker
Ann Lewis Hamilton Author
Brian Linse Independent Film Producer, Liberal Blogger
Bruce Holbert Author, writer, teacher
Burt Dubrow Creator "Jerry Springer Show," Howdy Doody
Byron Hyde MD Physician
Carl de Suze Radio DJ, Speaker
Chris Allen Author, International Thrillers
Chuck Azzarello Radio Manager, Programme Director,DJ
Dan Nainan Comedian
Dave Schwensen Comedy Coach, Author
David Rich Author, International Crime Thriller
Dick Summer Radio DJ, Programme Director, Podcaster
Dr Debby Herbenick Sexual Health Advocate, University of Indiana
Dr Randal Marlin Philosopher
E L Chappel Author, Aviatrix, Women and STEM
Eileen Cook Author, Teacher
Eliot Pattison Author, Tibet Scholar, International Lawyer
Fred Allen Satirist via Martin Gostainian
Gabe Abelson Comedy Writer, Comedian
George Balcon Radio DJ
Greg Stewart Radio DJ, Programme Director, Music Director
Harrison Cheung Author, Celebrity expert
Harrison Demchick Author, Editor
Howard Lapides Storyteller
Howard Lapides Redux Storyteller, second installment
Howard Lapides Triplet Storyteller, final installment
Jack Benny Radio and Television Comedian via Laura Leff
Jay Bonansinga "The Walking Dead" novelist, video game writer
Jason Stuart Comedian, Actor, Gay Advocate
Jerry del Colliano Radio DJ, Consultant
J Scott Fuqua Author, Narrative Illustrator, Artist
Jay Bongansinga Author, director, blues harmonica player
Jerry Williams Radio Talk Show Host, Centrist
John L'Heuri Radio DJ, Music Director, Sports Talk Show Host
John Rook Radio DJ, Programme Director, Station Owner
John Vespasian Author
Judy McNary Financial Adviser, author of "Coin"
Ken LaZebnik Author, Playwright, Television Writer
Ken "Muck" Meyer Producer of "Larry Glick Show," radio DJ, OTR
Kingston Trio Late 1950s, 1960s Folk Music
LA Radio Don Barrett, publisher, editor of LA Radio
Larry Glick Radio Talk Show Host
Lisa Jay Actor
Mary Lyon Newswoman
Matt Seinberg Radio Historian
Mitch Wine Art Reproductions
Nancy Lynn Jarvis Author
Neal Gumpel Screenwriter
OTR Various Old-time Radio
Peter Mehlman TV Writer, "Seinfeld"; author
Richard Kramer Author, television writer
Rick Rosner Comedy Writer, author
Dr Ruth Nemzoff Writer, Scholar, Expert on the Family
Shadoe Stevens Radio DJ, Programme Director, author
Steve Berry Author
Tiffany Jones Celebrity Desert Chef
Tim Byrd Radio DJ
Timothy Hallinan Author
Tom Konard Radio Historian
Tricia Kelly Author, Spiritualist
Vicki Gillespie Country Musician
Victoria Patterson Author
Ward Anderson Comedian, Author, Radio Host


dr george pollard is a Sociometrician and Social Psychologist at Carleton University, in Ottawa, where he currently conducts research and seminars on "Media and Truth," Social Psychology of Pop Culture and Entertainment as well as umbrella repair.

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