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Sunday 14 Jul 2024

Paint My Face Red
M Alan Roberts

Syndicated news sources told this past week of the "discovery" of a previously uncontacted tribe in the Amazon somewhere between Peru and Brazil. Hmm, "discovery". Scientists discover things with purpose - many times with good intentions in their hearts. Little children discover things innocently - driven by the inquisitive nature. Those who quest for knowledge discover concepts and wisdom through diligent effort and benevolent intention. Discovery can most often be thought of as a pure and honorable concept.

However, the companies that are paid to rape the forests into irreparable devastation are not honorable. They are killers - of the land and of its people.

The pictures on Murdoch's news networks showed the tribal folks - faces painted red - welding bows and arrows - looking confused and intruded upon. I wonder if they somehow knew their day would come, like the American Indians. In my mind, I see the tree and heritage killers immediately starting to destroy their holistic thought patterns with bribes of candy, liquor, foul women and money. I see the missionaries around the planet devising their plans to go forth and liberate these savage souls with the good news of their Bibles.

Why the hell can't they just leave them alone? Why can't there be just one little group of harmless people left to live in harmony with nature? Why do we always have to destroy everything pure? These poor people - once recently rich - probably have no real idea what they are in for. They most likely do not know that they are about to lose their human rights to be individualistic and thrive in their own space.

Deforestation is one of the primary contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. The forests are carbon sinks. That means that they hold massive amounts of carbon. When trees are cut down, by the thousands, that carbon is released into the already toxic atmosphere. Scientists estimate that 20% of greenhouse gas emissions are a direct result of deforestation. Global warming is a direct result of greenhouse gas emissions. Rampant death and natural disasters are the direct results of global warming.

Are you aware that the primary "reason" for deforestation is for ranching? The world has gone insane for meat-based dietary products. We don't cut down all of the trees for paper products or timber; we cut them down to make room for cattle ranches to feed our fat lifestyles. We are gluttons for the muscles and organs of cattle and swine. So, we destroy all of the natural miracles, that have been long-proven to exist only in the rain forests, in order to increase further the amount of pesticide or steroid or herbicide-filled bovine and porcine muscle available for our disease-ridden bodies to consume.

Further, instead of hiring scientists to explore these rich landscapes and tap into their miraculous medicinal potential, we kill the trees, destroy the environment, displace the tribal people, raise the meat, eat the meat, develop meat-based diseases, and then commission the corrupt pharmaceutical companies to develop chemical-based drugs to cover up the symptoms so that we can perpetuate this sickening cycle of death. Pathetic.

Here's an idea. The people of the planet could actually come together and demand, not request, massive governmental change. We could actually stand for something and better the living conditions for all creatures on this once-pristine planet. We could change our disgusting eating habits and embrace nature as we are meant to. We could refuse to support corrupt governments that waste hundreds of billions of dollars every year on war. We could take steps to become paperless - meatless - muderless. I know: I live in a dream. I dream of being one of those uncontacted tribal humans. I dream of living happily and simply, embracing nature and living in harmony with all creatures. I dream of a world where life means more than obesity and disease.

Soon, there will be no more uncontacted tribes. Soon, the future will have its death-dealing way and these harmless nature dwellers will be just memories. The governments will continue their corrupt ways and the people will continue to bow down in fear instead of standing tall in pride. Is it any wonder why I dream so? Dreams are sometimes the only way to escape the madness that we find ourselves enveloped in.

In my mind, my face is red with tribal paint - instead of anger.

M Alan Roberts is a radical thinker. He has a gimlet eye for injustice, much as did Frederich Engels, a century and a half before. Still, Roberts finds a way to write effective SEO copy. This suggests both sides of his brain, his mind, work equally well.

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