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Jellied Brains
M Alan Roberts

Every revolution was first a thought in one man's mind.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is a vast intercontinental illusion escaping the perception of the masses. For the small percentage who are able to see the truth for what it is, others call them insane, bought, made to disappear or killed off. Various, separate fronts have been created so that the people of the planet are left in intellectual darkness. There is an alliance of the powerful; an interconnected, organized entity acting diligently and persistently to maintain the effect of the all-encompassing illusion.

The Alliance is patient. Its members understand the vast majority of the humans are intellectual weaklings. They have also conditioned the people over hundreds of years to believe that the strength held in numbers is unmatched. They allow the people to feel that they are in control of their own destinies. They work their domination plan slowly, just a bit at a time. They diversify their strategy of attack and move, leisurely. This prevents most from seeing the changes in motion. The most remain confused, perplexed, financially overburdened and otherwise too busy to explore their inner thoughts. Even though they know something is wrong, not wanting to step outside the strength of the numbers that they help to create, they succumb and return to their ignorant states of cowardice.

If any member of the Alliance ever attempts to break the secrecy, he or she dies, outright. Whatever lies and material fabrications needed to hid the murder, will be in position. They ensure control through whatever means seems necessary. The health care systems of the planet's most industrious nations work discreetly yet powerfully to shorten life spans and increase mass in science, but simultaneously claiming to do the exact opposite.

Scientific and technological knowledge rages against billions of people, so subtly, they will never be able to discern it. Metallic elements, chemical mixtures and more permeate the internal organs of the masses and induce premature aging, preventable diseases, emotional turbulence, non-aspiring mentalities and the complete inability to function with any degree of individuality. These poisons blanket the earth in the soil, water and air. Toxin-loaded, people are losing their minds and they die pitifully with nothing to pass on: no money, no knowledge, no noticeable value emphasis or truth.

The Alliance assures the masses that they remove poisons. They initiate new programs under a facade of environmentalism. They promise multiple cures for the poisons on multiple fronts and then they subtly introduce a multitude of new poisons. The Alliance uses vibrant colors, catchy musical tones and a full arsenal of psychological tactics to make the people sure that the new poisons are good. Through skin, into the corners of mouths, inhaled throughout respiratory systems, genetically grown and blended into food sources, the poisons continue to destroy individual abilities to strive for happiness.

When infants are born, they immediately receive an injection of mind-destroying toxins. The control must be absolute! They poison the children through the candies and sweets that they consume. Their foods, beverages, toys and clothing bathed in toxic control. When the poisons start to affect their abilities to learn, medicines "help." These medicines will cause them to be sicker and develop more, yet different symptoms. New medicines emerge for the new symptoms introduced. In the end, the people are rendered physically and intellectually weak; they are docile and of no threat.

The Alliance leads the people to believe in false gods. Corrupted leaders are positioned that will claim to represent the needs and desires of the people. Controlled news sources, Hollywood movies, television advertisements, sporting events and more used in a never-ending campaign to misguide, manipulate and misguide. The people are becoming increasingly dependent upon the very cycle of their absurd existences. Trained well, they look forward to waking up and working hard, to perpetuating their self-continued degradation and servitude. Oblivious, they continue to serve their unseen masters and generate multiple trillions of dollars for them on a global, annual basis.

For this, punishment is the reward.

Imprisoned, monitored and smothered nearly to death, they live in poverty. Laws control their every move. There are so many laws, now, it's impossible for the majority of people to avoid criminality, of one sort or another. Court systems, jailhouses, prisons and the rest of the totalitarian legal system continue to grow in number and in sophistication levels. The Alliance is defeating the minds of the people and taking away their ability to connect with themselves or each other again.

Now, stripped of their inner fortitude, depression haunts hundreds of millions of people. Their motions have slowed. Obesity levels are at record highs. They feel like they are near death and can't seem to get satisfied. When they approach their health care professionals for assistance, they meet, again, new poisons. In addition, the Alliance has introduced mind-shaping technologies, products and chemicals into the lives of nearly every human now. They use video games, pornography, popular music, popular drugs, alcohol, reality television and every other external pleasure imaginable to distract the masses from ever engaging in any personal development.

With their minds jellied, the people continue as property, owned and obeying, as good little slaves. Spartacus where are you?

M Alan Roberts is a radical thinker. He has a gimlet eye for injustice, much as did Frederich Engels, a century and a half before. Still, Roberts finds a way to write effective SEO copy. This suggests both sides of his brain, his mind, work equally well.

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