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Monday 24 Apr 2017

Junos Boring, Always
Streeter Click

A generation ago, Charles Bronfman, scion of the eponymous dynasty, expressed his view of Canada. "I love this country," he told biographer, Peter C. Newman, adding,

"As a matter of fact, last night ... as I watched the Juno Awards ... I was very pleased. It was very strange. I said to myself, "Hey, that's sort of nice, the way it's done, the way people got up and accepted the prizes with real Canadian restraint." And I thought how nice it was for Pierre Juneau to accept the naming of the awards after him, which must have cost him some anguish because, from what I've heard, he's very publicity shy. I enjoyed the whole occasion. It didn't have the overtness and boasting of the Academy Awards ... Maybe as Canadians we should boast a little bit more than we do ... but not a hell of a lot more."

Around the world, Canadians are well-liked. Bronfman noted one of the reasons why: restrained genius.

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