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Thursday 23 May 2024

Beaver Does Broadway
Streeter Click

Blame it on that crazy, crazy town. Trivia question answer and baby boomer symbol, Jerry Mathers, makes his Broadway debut on 5 June. He'll be s singing straight from the heart songs through Labour Day.

On, "Leave It to Beaver," a 1950s sitcom, Mathers played the eponymous role of Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver. When a boomer thinks milk-toast, the "Beav" immediately leaps to mind. Consistent with his 50-year image, Mathers portrays Wilbur Turnblad, in "Hairspray," on the Great White Way.

Blaming it all on the lights on Broadway, Mathers took a three-month run as Turnblad. His run matches, exactly, the high tourist season in New York City. Seems Mathers heard the sweet sound of tourists from the Midwest spending as mad people in the Big Apple.

You never know. Nobody guessed the "Beav" and exploitation would come together in a sentence. What's next? Might pension funds go bankrupt? Is Jim Morrison working the Blockbuster Video in Dundas, Ontario? Will all the impersonators expire as Elvis rises?

Streeter Click is editor of GrubStreet.ca.

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