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Westworld Finale
Matt Seinberg

Westworld, the HBO series based on the eponymous film by Michael Crichton, had its finale on Sunday 11 December 2016. I first wrote, briefly, of it, when it debuted a few months back. Although, there are some references to the movie, this show stands on its own with an amazing cast.

Westworld has a remarkable cast.

Anthony Hopkins, for example, portrays Dr Robert Ford, the founder of Westworld, with his late partner, Arnold, who is talked about, but never seen or is he. Dr Ford is dark, scheming man who is always one-step ahead of those at the Delos Corporation that want to bring him down. Ford that decides when it's over, which he does in a spectacular fashion.

Jeffrey Wright, of Boardwalk Empire and several James Bond movies, portrays Bernard, right hand man for Dr Ford. Bernard is not what he appears to be. He is a smart, thoughtful man who is the head of Behavior and Programming at Westworld. He is also having an affair with Theresa Cullen, played by Sidse Babette Knudsen; she is in charge of Westworld for the Delos Corporation.

Bernard is the android version of Arnold that committed suicide by android proxy many years ago in the park. Theresa and everyone else believe that Bernard is human. Bernard doesn't even know he's an android until Dr. Ford tells him and then confirms it to him.

Dr Ford will go to any length to preserve his rule over Westworld. That includes having Bernard murder Theresa and his assistant Elsie. Then he instructs Bernard to forget that he did those killings.

As it turns out, Westworld takes place in both the present and past, tied together by the oldest host in the park, Dolores Abernathy, played by Rachel Evan Wood, and first time guest, William, played by Jimmie Simpson.

In the first episode, we met The Man in Black, played by Ed Harris. He is looking for the center of the maze, which turns out to be nothing but a children's game for the androids and not meant for humans.

The Man in Black is a ruthless killer. Due to the time shifting of the series, we get to see how he became that way. He is in fact, William, the first-time guest that will go to any length to find and save Dolores from the former Union soldier, known only as Wyatt.

Are you confused yet?

We also meet Teddy, played by James Marsden, who is also in love with Dolores. Can androids fall in love without someone telling them to do so? Do they dream of electric sheep?

Throughout the story, Dr Ford is creating a new narrative, but the details withheld from the audience. Charlotte Hale, played by Tessa Thompson, is the Delos replacement for Theresa. She is there to have Dr Ford retire and fade away, ceding control of Westworld to her.

We get to meet Maeve, the madam and host of The Mariposa Saloon. She is tough as nails and is becoming aware of things going on around her. Killed in the saloon, rather often, men in suits come take Maeve to the laboratory underground to repair and reprogram her. Androids die, are refitted and returned to Westworld.

It is there that she becomes self-aware and threatens two technicians with death if they don't let her reprogram herself. She does the same to several other hosts who help her escape, eventually. More than anything, Maeve wants to find her "daughter," who is in another section of the park. When she has the chance to escape the park forever, she turns back and we are lead to believe she is going to find the girl.

Here's a spoiler alert: If you haven't watched the series finale, stop reading HERE.

Dolores kills Dr Ford. She then shoots into the crowd at the party celebrating Dr Ford's new narrative. What appears as a crowd of naked hosts emerging from the woods shoots William. We are shown the underground labs of "SW," when Maeve asks Felix where they are located. He replies, "It's a long story." I'm guessing that ties into next season.

Westworld is full of nuances.

I had to watch the season finale twice and I'm sure there are things I missed that will play into next season.

Will Maeve find her daughter? Will Teddy and Dolores organize the hosts and take over Westworld? Will The Man in Black, William try to save in investment in the park and organize his own army to battle the androids?

Many questions with no answers, until next year. Stay tuned.


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