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Monday 17 Jun 2024

Sad State of Affairs
Wendy Vega

I’m a Democrat and I’m very afraid. As much as I like Bernie Sanders and want him to be president, I don’t think it will happen. Moreover, why do these old fellows want that job? They should be writing memoirs and playing golf, not solving world problems. Yech!

I dislike Hillary.

As much as I like Bernie, I dislike Hillary. Sure, it’d be great to have a woman as president. She might make good president, but I simply don’t trust her. I don’t like her morals or scruples. I need a shower after watching her debate. Of course, the debate is on at night, so I might need a shower anyway, but I attribute it to her nonetheless.

All the Republicans are buffoons and sandbox bullies, too. I picture them all in a sandbox, taking away shovels from each other and hurling insults. “You’re a bit pumpkin head!” “You're a big fat liar!” Christie is the biggest bully of all. Rubio is silly and Cruz is scary looking. If I had to look at Cruz for eight years, I’d move to Canada.

The fact that Trump won New Hampshire is so scary I can’t even believe it. This man is racist, insulting to everyone, hates immigrants, although I’m sure his family were immigrants at some point. He is still in the sandbox, to be sure. He may have a gorgeous family, money goes a long way, and his wife would make Jackie Kennedy ugly as a first lady, albeit foreign born, but the man covets his daughter. Moreover, he makes fun of the disabled and his hair. Oy.

I have an old friend that emigrated from Europe in the early 1950s. Yet, he hates immigrants. I’m like, but you are an immigrant! “We’ll we’re European. I’m talking about Hispanics,” he says. Still, European immigrants, the Germans, Irish and Polish, for example, were, in America, reviled, at one time or another. Now it’s the turn of Hispanics.

I love immigrants, as long as they are here for positive reasons. My grandparents came from Austria. They contributed to America.

Ben Carson should return to the operating room.

Ben Carson is a surgeon. He should return to his day job. He's too soft for this rat race. Go do good deeds where you can.

I don’t even remember the names of the other candidates. Oh yeah, Carly Florina; she screwed up the company she worked for, Hewlett Packard. Go home, Carly.

The fact so many ostensible voters love Trump has me worried about the state of the country. I lived in New York and Los Angeles, but there is so much in between. Last July, I visited Oklahoma City and it was like being on another planet. People were carrying openly, discussing sermons at Starbucks and talking about how Trump is wonderful.

Between coasts, there are people who love guns and bibles and Trump. I just don’t run into them very often.

Mike Bloomberg was the mayor of New York for twelve years. When he didn’t cotton to term limits, he overturned them and stayed an extra four years. Some wish remained mayor, today.

Mike Bloomberg was a good mayor, if a little fascist.

Mike Bloomberg is now pondering an Independent run for president. Mike is a no-nonsense businessperson that was good for New York City. He cut back on places where people could smoke, made more of the city park areas and clamped down on all sorts of things. Yes, he is a bit fascistic, at times, but maybe that’s what we need in the White House. He never would’ve let Congress roll all over him, as has Obama.

Granted, no one in Middle America knows much about Bloomberg, but if he gets into the race now they will. My only problem with Mike is that he might take votes away from the Democrats. I think he should get in as Republican. He has been a shape-shifter as far as political parties are concerned, so he can shift once more.

Remember the movie “Dave?” Kevin Kline was president and Charles Grodin came in and balanced the budget overnight? We need “Dave” in the White House. Absent that, we need Bloomberg. Yes, Bloomberg a Jew, but so is Bernie Sanders. Obama is Black and he won. I’d like to think we’ve gone beyond all that, though I know we haven’t.

Bloomberg is a grownup, ad adult. He gets petulant and cranky at times, but who doesn’t? Moreover, when I worked for ABC-TV, I put a mic on his butt three times. I’d love to say I touched the butt of a president; so far, no dice.


Wendy Vega ran the board for radio legends "Cousin Brucie" and Dan Ingram, at WABC-AM, and Zacherle at WPLJ-FM, all in New York City. At WNEW-AM, Jonathan Schwartz stole her lunch and she became great friends with the legend of radio legends, William B Williams. Then Vega moved to news, first WINS-AM 1010, in New York City, later television stations in Los Angeles. Today, she is a former television news editor replaced by a machine. She's a writer living near the train station in Larchmont, New York. Joan Rivers came from Larchmont, NY. Maybe the same fate will befall Vega as befell Rivers. Watch this space.

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