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Tuesday 18 Jun 2024

Urgent! Don't Click Ads
A D Min

Sometime during the early morning hours of Sunday 19 June 2011, someone hacked this web site. No damage done or at least discovered, yet. The hacker hide code for advertising, from which he or she benefits; we're trying to find the code and remove it.

GrubStreet.ca is an ad-free zone. In most or all content, some words, keywords for the hacker, now display in red, with a double underline. On this page, the words "zone," "hacker" and "web site" are examples.

These advertisements display about 15 seconds after a content page loads. These advertisements are illicit on GrubStreet.ca, placed on the site without our knowledge or permission, and violate our mission statement. Please, do not click on the illicit advertisements.

We discovered the problem, noted above, only occurs in some versions of FireFox. Users of Opera, IE, Safari or Chrome likely won't see the words highlighted in red, with a double underline. If you do, please let us know.

A D Min handles business affairs and policy for GrubStreet.ca.

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